Eddie.  Superpower:  Ability to Adapt (BRAVE)  Photography by  RAH Photo graphy 2019

Eddie. Superpower: Ability to Adapt (BRAVE) Photography by RAH Photography 2019

The Everyday Superpower Project came into being to acknowledge everyone has a superpower, no matter how small or mundane. The mission for the project is to empower a diverse range of adults to connect with themselves and each other in the commonality of the unique, sometimes hidden power of everyday actions.

The project intends to discover and unearth superpowers in ourselves and others and uplift those we may not usually recognize. What is a superpower? I have heard responses such as, ‘something I’m proud of’, ‘my pain is my superpower’ and ‘being human’. This experiential project aims to highlight that which makes us all human and honor it through social experiences, intimate gatherings, conversation and artistic interpretations.

Stay tuned for some super-powerful experiences coming up. If you’d like to be a part of the project drop me a message, tell me about your superpower and let’s collaborate!

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